Commercial Photovoltaic 
Virginia Tech Perry Street Garage 
Blacksburg, VA


The Virginia Tech Perry Street parking garage received a 102 kW solar carport. 436 US made Sharp panels cover both access ramps on the top deck providing power for the garage and shade for parked cars. Over the course of a year, the panels will produce over 135,000 kWh's of clean electricity, enough to power almost 13 homes. They will also offset the burning of more than 5 tons of coal each month. This is the first major solar project to be completed on the Virgina Tech campus. 

Baseline Solar partnered with Altenergy Inc. of Charlottesville and Bell Electric Inc. of Blacksburg to complete the project. Federal funding and project management came through Siemens. One of the biggest challenges this installation presented was rooftop equipment access. The height and weight limits of the existing structure precluded the use of all but the smallest construction equipment. Even without the use of an overhead crane, we were able to complete the project on time. 

The panels are mounted at a 35 degree tilt (optimal for our region) on custom steel framework. The grid of steel supports allows otherwise wasted space to become a clean source of energy for the garage. One central inverter transforms the DC power from the panels into AC power that can be used by the garage or sent back onto the grid. With minimal maintenance required, the system should produce electricity for the next 25+ years. We're proud to have integrated one of the largest PV projects in Southwest Virginia. 

Commercial projects are eligible for the following incentives:

- 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

- 25% USDA REAP grant (eligibility requirements apply)

- 5 year accelerated depreciation schedule (MACRS)