I'm ready for solar. Now what?

Site Assessment

Our team of solar professionals will schedule a site visit with you to understand your goals and determine the viability of your site. This includes looking at your current electric service and distribution system, measuring your roof dimensions as well as structural capacity, determining the best trench route for ground mounted systems, and performing a shade analysis. With that information, we will design a system that fits the site and your budget.


We will provide a detailed proposal, usually with multiple system options. This will include the number of panels, a rendering showing their physical layout, production estimates, warranty information, applicable tax incentives, and total installed cost. You review the proposal, make sure it's what you expected, and return a signed copy with your deposit.


The first step in our permitting process is usually a structural analysis of your roof (not necessary for a ground mount). We measure the existing structure and verify with a structural engineer that it can support the additional weight. Almost any roof built to code has no problem with the 2.5 - 3 pounds per square foot of additional load.

After structural approval, we submit construction plans to the local municipality and order your materials. Once we have your building permit, we're ready to schedule installation with you.


All but the largest residential jobs are usually completed in five construction days or less. Integrating solar into your electrical system usually doesn't even involve a power interruption. Once all of the components are installed, we test the system and schedule our inspection with the local building department. Upon approval, we submit your interconnection application to the utility company.



Your utility provider will perform a final inspection before approving your system for interconnection. They will also install a bi-directional meter that can keep track of power flowing both ways. We'll give you a system walkthrough and then it's time for the big moment. Time for you to FLIP THE SWITCH and start saving money!

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