Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles (EV's) can be charged from a standard wall outlet, but all new models will benefit from a high power charger installation. This is typically a dedicated 60-100A circuit capable of fully charging a vehicle in under 4 hours.

The image shown to the left is a hybrid installation we completed at the Christiansburg Holiday Inn. One charger is universal and capable of charging all makes and models, and the other is Tesla specific.

Combine your EV charger installation with a solar array for a truly zero emission vehicle!

Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water (SHW) system provides hot water for domestic and space heating use. Water is pumped from a solar storage tank to collectors on the roof where it is heated by the sun. This continues as long as the collectors are hotter than the water in the tank. When the sun goes down the pump shuts off and you have a tank full of hot water ready for use.

We design and install systems for residential and commercial applications. A SHW system installs behind the utility meter which means the energy savings you realize are in no way tied to utility regulations subject to change.

Sign Lighting

Off-grid solar lighting is a great way to light your sign, flag pole, etc., where utility power is unavailable or impractical. A solar panel charges a battery during the day which is discharged at night to keep your lights on. A programmable controller allows multiple lighting options including full dawn to dusk operation. LED light fixtures ensure low maintenance and a long service life.

Ask us about our solar sign lighting package.

Goal Zero Portable Power Products

The Goal Zero battery pack can be used to provide some backup power to household AC loads. It can be recharged with 120VAC source (like the Secure Power Supply receptacle) or portable solar panels. Loads that can powered include a refrigerator, chest freezer, lights, cell phones, computers, small kitchen appliances, power tools, and more.

Energy Monitor

Ever received an exorbitant electric bill and wondered where all that electricity went? Without an energy monitoring system there's no way to know. Was your freezer stuck on a defrost cycle? Was your heat pump operating on emergency heat? Was there a leaky hot water faucet in the basement?

An energy monitoring system allows you to keep track of all the electric loads in your home or business in real time. Avoiding one over the top electric bill could pay for the equipment and also allow you to see which loads are costing you the most money every month.

Knowing where your energy is going is the first step to increasing efficiency and decreasing utility costs.

Electrical Contracting

We're expanding our service offerings into general electrical contracting, including service work and new construction. We can also integrate a backup generator into your existing panel so when the lights do go out, you can turn them back on.

Virginia Master Electrician license #2710049646

Class A Virginia contractor license #2705126138


If you have a project in mind give us a call to see how we can help you.

Electric Truck

Back in 2012 we converted a 1987 Ford Ranger to all electric operation. It uses a DC motor and 20 6 volt golf cart batteries. We charge it with the solar panels on the roof of our shop and use it for small errands in town. Typical summer range is ~30 miles.

New electric vehicles have much more range and are more practical, but it was a fun project that taught us a lot about battery systems.

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