Dave Roper

Blacksburg, VA

"My reasons for installing the PV system are, in order of importance: 

- To reduce the carbon that we put into the atmosphere, (I also drive an electric car, a 2015 Nissan LEAF, for that main reason.) 

- To reduce the monthly cost of electricity, especially if I should expire before my wife. 

- To provide clean energy for my electric car. 

- To reduce our support of the fossil-fuel industry. 

- To encourage our neighbors and friends to install PV systems. 

The house was built in 1983, so the windows are double glass. Before installing the PV system an energy audit was done to discover changes that needed to be made and fix them. High-efficiency heat pumps were installed, the attic and crawl space were insulated and mostly LED lights were installed. Installing a PV system was the logical next step. The neighborhood organization of Hethwood quickly approved installing the system and the two additions to it. The next step will be to install a lithium-ion battery in the garage to supply electricity for kitchen appliances and a heater in the case of power outages. Because of my very positive past experience with Baseline Solar Solutions, I chose them to install our PV system. They are true experts at installing PV and thermal solar systems."

Donna & Ken Crouch

Blacksburg, VA

"Working with Chris and Patrick from Baseline Solar was a real pleasure. Installation of our solar panels proceeded in an organized and timely fashion. The guys were always collegial, on time, and very informative. They took time to explain the operation of the system, how it interfaced with APCO (our utility provider), and the SREC process. They also installed our solar powered attic fan as an additional job. We would highly recommend Baseline Solar to anyone who is considering ‘going solar’ or for other similar needs. They are consummate professionals and all around great guys."

Michael Cyrulnik

Blacksburg, VA

"I recommend that anyone in Blacksburg who is interested in home solar power go with Baseline for their solar power install. I had them install an 8k roof-mounted grid-tie system in November of 2013 and I am most pleased. I chose Baseline out of a set of three solar contractors. I passed on one contractor because they were pushy, trying to sell me a lot more than just solar, they also were not in Blacksburg. I passed on the other contractor because they were not in Blacksburg and did not offer the paperwork services Baseline offers such as getting engineering approval and permits.

Baseline came to my house and measured the sunlight and dimensions on my roof. Then they sent me a diagram of the proposed build. They were never pushy, they took the time to understand what my goals were and they were helpful at every step. Working with Baseline was a pleasant turn-key experience.

The representative and builder who visited my home were courteous and professional. They were also interesting people who seemed to enjoy their work, and talking about it, very much. The install was exactly as described and on schedule.


Baseline stayed in touch with me and made sure I was set up with my SRECs. I’ve had the system for about 7 months now, I’m generating a lot of power, my electric bill is minuscule, and I have SRECs deposited directly to my checking account. Whenever I tell people about my solar install I recommend Baseline."


Christiansburg, VA

"Roughly one year in, the system is working great. The entire Baseline staff is great to work with, from the office staff to the technicians to the owners. I do electrical work for a living and scrutinized the entire project accordingly. Patrick really went out of his way to answer my many questions and took suggestions on potential project improvements. He even made a few extra trips to the site (which is not close to their office) to make sure everything continued to work as expected. Anything I had a concern about was addressed and followed up. As a contractor I really appreciate working with one who is willing to think outside the box and tries hard to get the correct answer to your questions, even when getting those answers is difficult and time consuming. These folks are local, they support other local and progressive businesses and put effort into living responsibly themselves. All in all, I'm very pleased with the work and with my decision to choose Baseline."

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